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Temp Closure 2015

Hi Everyone,


As some of you may know, one of the core reasons for opening Seoulmate was creating and continuing a culture of employee appreciation.  It’s an incredibly humbling experience to see men and women work so hard for a vision you created.  It’s an honor, actually.  That would be the best word to describe it.   Last year, during our 1st anniversary, we took the entire staff to Las Vegas and we will be doing the same again this year.  Not only is it a chance to get a rare weekend off, but I truly want to communicate through small gestures as well as big, how much I appreciate and respect the men and women I work beside.  I understand that this may ruin some plans for that particular weekend so all I can ask for is your understanding.  For sure, for sure 1000%, we love the customers that have rooted for us from the very beginning as well as the new Seoulmates who see something different at our restaurant.  From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you and ask that you join me in showing our appreciating for those that work so hard.   – Jason (the owner)